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South End Grind is located inside Urban MVMNT at 255 Clanton Road.
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Feeling a little froggy?

Fredric Nordhoff
August 30, 2017

Sometimes the changing of the seasons takes a toll on your body. But life goes on, so you need something that's going to keep you up to speed and also help you to feel better. I'm not saying the Golden Cuppadreamo is going to cure your cold, but it certainly won't hurt! Plus it tastes super healthy which is almost as good as actually being healthy. Honey, ginger and turmeric are the magic ingredients that gives this drink its distinct flavor and color. Inspired by Passengers Cafe and their drink of the same name, this drink helped me get through the cold Christmas of Cleveland, OH while battling a cold! It's great for healthy people too, try it and you'll see!

Fredric Nordhoff
Freddie is the founder of South End Grind. He enjoys making coffee almost as much as he enjoys drinking it.

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