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South End Grind is located inside Urban MVMNT at 255 Clanton Road.
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Fredric Nordhoff
May 22, 2017

I've always enjoyed coffee as a mechanism for conversation. When meeting a friend for drinks, I'd much rather it be over coffee than anything with alcohol.

Recently, a conversation with a customer early in the morning inspired me to engage in more conversations that are philosophical, enriching, motivating, and have a self-improving effect. I had been looking for a creative outlet for some unused mental energy, and had just purchased a camera with the intent of making some sort of video blog, but I quickly ditched that idea in order to produce something with hopefully more meaning. Enter 'Coffee and Conversations' an interview style podcast in which I brew some coffee for myself and a guest, and then sit down and talk about stuff.  Initially I have been reaching out to people in my immediate community, and have gotten some super positive responses. I'm actually blown away by how many people have been willing to be a part of this little side project of mine. I have already produced three episodes and published two, which can be found in video on youtube, or audio-only anywhere you listen to podcasts. I have multiple more scheduled. My goal with these is to continue to connect with people who I believe might have something interesting or valuable to share. The topics that inspire me are entrepreneurship, leadership, self awareness, personal development, and creativity and innovation. I hope to touch on these topics with the guests I have on the show, with the goal of capturing something that other people find inspiring also.

I have attached the links to all the places to find this content at the bottom of this post. I would be honored for you to check it out, and give me feedback, and potentially suggest other people/ideas that I can include on the show. I've learned that much of life is about connecting with people; from your personal life, to family, and education, and especially running a business. This project is an extension of that; it's about the journey and the people and ideas you are able to connect with along the way.

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Fredric Nordhoff
Freddie is the founder of South End Grind. He enjoys making coffee almost as much as he enjoys drinking it.

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