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We don't have pumpkin spice...

Fredric Nordhoff
August 30, 2017

As a kid I always preferred apple pie to pumpkin. I was perfectly fine with everyone else going after the pumpkin pie, because that meant there would be more apple pie left over. And perhaps the only thing better than apple pie for dessert, is apple pie for breakfast. Warm it up, and its the perfect way to start your day. That is the inspiration for this drink. And apple butter and cayenne are the key ingredients bringing you all the fall flavors you love, gift wrapped in a cappuccino. This might just be the perfect remedy to a rainy day.

The only problem is I haven't come up with a name for it yet. Head over to our instagram page to submit your best idea for a name, and perhaps you could win a free growler! It's best to taste one first before thinking of a name though. Let us make one of these for you!

Until then,

Keep Grinding
Fredric Nordhoff
Freddie is the founder of South End Grind. He enjoys making coffee almost as much as he enjoys drinking it.

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