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South End Grind is located inside Urban MVMNT at 255 Clanton Road.
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Winter '17-'18

Winter '17-'18

We have a few cold weather drinks in the rotation right now to keep all your winter taste buds happy and your insides warm and fuzzy.

First up is the Apple Butter Beans. A holdover from our fall menu, this has been a fan favorite. With apple butter, cinnamon and cayenne, and served like a cappuccino, this not-too-sweet flavored drink is delicious.

Second is the Nutella Mocha. It's a fairly simple drink. Traditionally a mocha is prepared with chocolate. We've substituted Nutella. It's really tasty; no further description necessary.

Our newest drink is the Golden Cuppadreamo! While traveling in Cleveland over Christmas and nursing a bad cold, we found this drink in Passengers Cafe. Needless to say, it was exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered.  The owner of the shop Trey encouraged us to duplicate it and bring it to the south! With espresso, honey, ginger and turmeric, I prefer to enjoy this as an 8oz drink, but we can make it as a 12oz drink as well.

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